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Mentorship (with Open Gym)  Basketball

Summer 2019

The Mentorship program is available as an add-on to the Open Gym program for experienced players looking to really push themselves during focused on-court workouts.

Successful applicants will be paired with Mentors. These Mentors are all great players (and people) who currently compete at the university or professional level and who want to train hard this summer. The Mentors have agreed to do their workouts at the Split Second Summer Campus and have between 1-5 players shadow them during workouts.

Mentors will be working out hard and putting lots of focus on their own personal development. While they will provide some feedback and guidance to players, it is important to understand that this is a workout, not a private lesson meant to correct technique.

As such, we are looking for players with enough experience to be able to follow along with a workout that features lots of shooting, ball handling, rebounding, passing and conditioning. Successful applicants will be matched with similar age/level players and appropriate Mentors.

There will be 8 sessions in each month (16 total for July and August).

Please register here if interested and don't forget to send in the application from the website.

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