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Delta Monday Skills Training and Tuesday 3-on-3 League (Grade 2-10)  Basketball

Spring 2019
Apr 8 ’19

This program is for boys and girls in Delta, starting April 8th (Mondays) and April 9th (Tuesdays). Players can sign up for both Mondays and Tuesdays and (for a discount) or just Mondays or just Tuesdays. 

MONDAYS will be Skills Training

Our Skills Training programs are the best place for players to build great habits and fall in love with the game of basketball. Over the term, players will train their fundamental skills (shooting, ball handling, passing), compete in drills (Dribble U, Up-The-Lane, Shooting Ladders) and play games (Numbers, Full Court, Advantage 5-on-5). By the end of the season, players will be able to tell you dozens of specific details they've learned, new skills they've mastered...and how much fun they've had!

TUESDAYS will be a competitive 3-on-3 League

Our Spring 3-on-3 League is fun, fast and challenging.  

At the start of the term, players will be split into age-appropriate and skill-appropriate groups. You will receive an email approximately a week before the league starts with your time slot, which will stay the same for the rest of the term. Younger players will play earlier time slots

Players will play for 1.5 hours

Each Tuesday, players will arrive and be placed on a new team (we will be making fresh teams each week to give kids a chance to experience playing lots of different roles and with lots of different players). We will be keeping track of individuals wins and loses and crowning a 3-on-3 champion for each age group.

For more information on our Scheduling and Refund Policy, please see our website.

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